Modeling and Rendering

Perhaps the best, certainly the most detailed SketchUp (SU) model I ever made is of my wrist-watch. In the past I’ve bought decent low priced ($30-$40) wrist watches and they last two or three years before completely failing. Three years ago I bought a titanium Seiko SNA139. Though the watch retailed at the time for about $350, I got a used one on ebay for about 1/4th of that. It still looks almost new. If it lasts another six years the purchase is justified financially. Either way I like it and I (mostly) don’t feel like spending that much on a luxury was wrong.

To the point, one day when I was home sick from work, I started a SketchUp (SU) model of the watch. I used a magnifying glass, calipers which measure to about two-thousands of an inch, and to read the smallest letters (just over 1/100th of an inch) on the inner edge of the dial, the eyes of a five-year-old. All together I put (wasted) about 12 hours creating the model. To the best of my knowledge, I captured every detail of the real watch. The SU model if this Seiko SNA139 is available in the 3d warehouse.


TED said...


I'm making a custom watch in sketchup and then 3D printing it in bronze.

I wanted to use a seiko movement, so I'm keeping the interior the same size as my SKX and then warping the outside.

Downloading your Seiko off of the warehouse was helpful!


Ed Devin said...

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