Lots of people use Blogger and it's part of Google, so I figure that it must be a pretty good tool.

I'm having tons of trouble with it and I'm not finding tricks to make it work the way I want it to. Perhaps I have unrealistic expectations or perhaps these things are harder to do.

  • I'd like to be able to control where pictures appear in text.
  • I'd like to be able to post pictures with captions.
  • I'd prefer if the HTML didn't have a ton of unrelated garbage in it so that I can keep things straight when I try to edit the HTML.
  • I wish the HTML and Compose windows were large enough to see what I'm working on in context.
  • I'd love it if the "preview" actually looked something like the final.
  • I'd love it if the "edit posts" page showed the same posts as the blog itself.
  • I'd love it if posts never mysteriously combined with each other.
  • I'd like it if I could make some additional edits to the blogs appearance.
  • It would be great if I could find more resources on-line about how to work more effectively with Blogger (seems amazing that I haven't found them so far).

Some of these things are bugs, some are unrealistic expectations, some are probably possible, but I don't know the way to do them. I don't want to have to learn detailed HTML in order to write a visually coherent post.

I felt like I did better in StumbleUpon when I blogged there.