Long Term Thinking

Originally posted 2008/10/01 at my old blog and before that on StumbleUpon

There was a letter to the editor in our local paper explaining why bicycles were children's toys. It explained further that growth and consumption are the only ways forward. After thinking about it for a long while, the words I wrote were a poem of sorts.

If I had only been alive one day, I would celebrate the rising sun, but I would not know that I should prepare for night.

If I only lived one year, I would gorge at the harvest, but I would not know that winter comes.

If I only knew one life, I would gain in vigor, intelligence and wisdom, but I would not know that these gifts pass.

If I only knew my own country, I would witness its greatness climb until it was alone, but I would not know that every country of the past had gone into decline.

If there were only one planet . . . would I use it until there was no more?

If I believed God loved me, would I believe that for me there could be no fall. History, Death, Winter, Nightfall.

Can we learn that there are limits?

Can we learn to live within limits?