Copernic Desktop Search 3 - Warning

If you are using Copernic Desktop Search 2, you may receive a popup notice that your software is obsolete and that an upgrade is available. It could really be a downgrade.

The free Version 3 only has basic features. To get the same things available for free in version 2, you must pay $49.95 for the professional version.

I clicked to do the upgrade thinking the best, then learned the above before completing the install. Unfortunately my indexes and the program had been disabled at that point. Luckily I had saved the install file for version 2 I was able to reinstall. There were a few bumps along the way - I could not uninstall until I closed DeskTopSearchService in the Task Manager. My settings were still available, presumably stored in the regestry.

If there are any further issues, I will post them here.


SchreiberBike said...

Version 2 continues to announce that the new version is unavailable, but that is easy enough to ignore.